How to Stage Your Home to Sell by Kelly Roberson

In How to Stage your Home to Sell by Kelly Roberson, Tailored Transitions founder Starr Osborne is quoted extensively:  ...

Ask yourself: Who is my ideal new owner? The target market determines a lot when it comes to how to stage a house. The potential buyers for a downtown loft may be very different than those of a century-old stone mansion. "The purchase of a home is really one of the most aspirational purchases people make. It defines them and what they stand for," says Starr Osborne, a home stager and author of Home Staging That Works. "You need to give aesthetic visual cues when staging a home as to how the house could be if they lived there."

That leads to the crucial difference between interior design and home staging. "If I'm designing a house, I want to please the homeowner," says Osborne, who owns Tailored Transitions, a home staging, moving management, and interior design firm. "In home staging, I want to please the buying demographic."... Read more...

Posted on May 18, 2014 .

How Networking Can Take Your Small Business to the Next Level

By Starr Osborne, Founder of Tailored Transitions (as seen on Huffington Post)

When I was chosen to be in Goldman Sachs's first Philadelphia cohort of their 10,000 Small Businesses Program I was cynical about the peer learning component. I figured this was just something to which I had to pay lip service. Sure, I can collaborate with the best of them; I can be a team player, but frankly, I was just interested in building my business. What I really needed was the secret sauce: the formula to take my company from the leader in its niche to a replicable business model which I could franchise. You probably already know the punch line: What I learned was that the secret sauce is the peer learning.

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Posted on March 4, 2014 .

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

For staging, too much small stuff is called clutter.  When moving, misplacing the small stuff  is another matter.  Don’t spend time and energy sweating about the small stuff.

Of course, I hope that clients will take this in its larger symbolic meaning.  But I also want them to take me literally, to round up all the small stuff, because really, so much of what we need day to day is really, really small.  So, pack all real jewelry, passports, cell phone charger, extra car keys, extra contact lenses, checks, pending bills, prescription meds, etc. in one suitcase and carry it with you.  Chances are they won’t get stolen, but, they might get buried in boxes, and once missing, you will obsess until they are found.  Clients of mine recently found their extra set of keys in a butter dish.  When they found them, after much searching,  they, of course, remembered putting them there for safe keeping!

Posted on November 16, 2010 .